Family Support

Wobbly Feet Care Packs provide comfort and sanitary travel items for children with A-T undergoing extensive medical treatment such as (not limited to) clinical trial, chemo/radiation and/or recovering from surgery. Care packs are provided complimentary and include a stainless steel thermos & retractable stainless straw in plastic holder, soft pillowcase and warm blanket all kept safe in this insulated travel bag.

Mailed direct to the child, please email request with the below information to

  • Parent contact / child name
  • Ship to address
  • Confirmation of A-T diagnosis and impact statement from a (current) medical professional

Financial grants are available to assist A-T families with uncovered medical expenses. Applications are available upon request to, qualifying details outlined below…

Meet Emily, “living her best life” with independence thanks to the generosity of Wobbly Feet Foundation supporters!

Grant applications will be accepted anytime throughout the year. All applications will be reviewed for approval and awarded independent from other applications. Awards are based on the below criteria being met and approved by a grant committee. Grants will be awarded until funds available are exhausted.

  • Recipient of Wobbly Feet Foundation Medical Assistance Grant(s) must be diagnosed with Ataxia Telangiectasia (A-T), or be a legal guardian of a person diagnosed with A-T
  • Documentation of diagnosis from a medical professional is required to be considered for grant approval.
  • Grants are awarded based on the improvement to the clinical condition and quality of life of the recipient and show to be financially impactful to the recipient and/or recipient’s family. Priority will be given to applicants requesting moneys for medical payment who have been previously denied by insurance, especially if appealed and again denied.
  • If application is approved, Wobbly Feet Foundation will provide payment directly to the licensed medical/professional, individual or company, including, but not limited to, medical physician, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Language Pathologist, treatment facility, medical insurance provider or contractor/trade professional. If direct payment is not accepted, the approved grant may be revoked.
  • If payment is under a contracted deadline, Wobbly Feet Foundation must receive application and all required documentation at least 30 days prior to the stated deadline. The deadline must be clearly stated on the application. In the case the deadline is less than 30 days, or is overdue, it is the responsibility of the applicant to have previously negotiated and submit the confirmation of extension by the collecting individual or company along with the application.